Church Outing

New Beginnings Ministries members gathered at Golden Corral for lunch. The lunch was part of our 14th Church & Pastor’s Anniversary celebration events.

Join us for the final event of our anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 20 at 5 p.m.


14th Church & Pastor’s Anniversary: Day 2

Several churches joined New Beginnings Ministries in the second night of our 14th Church & Pastor’s Anniversary. NBMJ would like to thank all participating churches and groups. Our anniversary theme is “Winning Souls and Making Disciples,” based on Matthew 28:19.

Please join us for our final night of celebration — a gospel concert on November 20 at 5 p.m, featuring New Beginnings Ministries Praise Team, Victory, Deacon Willie Kirkland, Scott Family, Silvarlaries, Caravans, Spiritualistics, Sister Jessica Hawk.

14th Church and Pastor’s Anniversary: Day 1

New Beginnings Ministries celebrated their 14th Church and Pastor’s Anniversary on Sunday Nov. 6. This was the first of three services. Join us for our second service on Nov. 13 and third on Nov. 20.

Elder Douglas Hawk delivered a sermon during Morning Worship Service.

Visiting pastors attended the evening service to celebrate with New Beginnings Ministries.