Pressing Toward the Mark of Spiritual Growth

Title: Pressing Toward the Mark of Spiritual Growth

Scripture Reference: Psalms 1:2


-Meditation will keep you from aggravation

-If you are rooted and grounded, your fruit will be founded on the word

-Don’t wither away, meditate and stay fresh all day

-Prosperity, success and all of God’s best is yours when you meditate

Testimony: Mother Elaine Carter

Mother Elaine Carter has been a member of New Beginnings Ministries of Jacksonville for over ten years. She is the head of the Usher Ministry and is also involved in the Food Bank ministry. 

Over 10 years ago, my son was a member of New Beginnings Ministries and he invited me to church.  I came by myself.

When I came, walking into the church, it was like — this is where I belong. 

I was in and out of different churches and I never really felt like I belonged there. 

I was so overwhelmed by Pastor Hawk and the way he presented himself. 

The comfort and the love that I felt in the church when I came in was so different than what I the feelings that I ever had before. 

I decided that New Beginnings Ministries was the church that I was going to join and belong to. I have never felt that way about any church. I’ve been to different ones in New Jersey and I always felt that I was just there. 

But when I came to New Beginnings, I felt like I was at home. I felt welcome, I felt like I was a part of the church rather than just somebody that comes to a service every Sunday. 

I felt that I wanted to continue and do more in the church. I think I have accomplished some of that. 

The main thing that I have accomplished is my understanding from Pastor Hawk’s teaching of the bible and about Jesus. I never really was taught about Jesus. I was only taught about the different parts of the Bible that the preacher was talking and yelling about. I was not given any information, or anything that really hit my heart. 

I have found a great understanding of the bible and of the things that God wants for me from being here at New Beginnings. 

There has never been a time that I have not felt welcome. 

I’ve been through a lot during the more than ten years that I have been here. 

Pastor and the church family have gotten me through some very horrific times, especially being a mother and losing children and other situations. 

I just feel that it’s been a blessing for me to be in New Beginnings. 

I am trying to invite people and am praying for people to join New Beginnings. 

I would never say anything against the church because there is nothing bad at this church. If you want to feel at home, this is where you should be. 

Mother Carter

Hallelujah Night 2014

New Beginnings invites you to Hallelujah Night 2014.

This event serves as our annual Halloween alternative. This year, we are also using this as a night to celebrate New Beginnings branching out into social networks.

You can now find New Beginnings on Facebook, Twitter, instagram, Vine, Youtube, and Google Plus.

Members of the church or party-goers do not need to be on the aforementioned social media sites to attend the party. There will be a social media tutor on hand to explain the function of the social media sites listed and why the church has chosen to be a part of social networking.

People attending the party should wear all white clothes and be prepared to walk the fabulous white carpet.

Hallelujah Night kicks off at 6 p.m. on Oct. 29.

Expect to play trivia, games, eat tasty appetizers, celebrate Jesus and dance the night away.