Testimony: Elder Doug and Sister Sandra Hawk

Elder Douglas Hawk is New Beginnings Ministries’ Minister of Music.  Sister Sandra Hawk heads up the Sunday School Ministry.  Sister Rebecca Hawk was involved in the Usher Ministry, Dance Ministry (Exalt Dance Team), and Youth Praise Team.

God is still God! We experienced the hardest test any parent can experience and that is the death of our youngest daughter, Rebecca. When Rebecca died our hearts were broken. We were in a state of shock, disbelief and pain; so much pain. There are many sleepless nights. We miss our baby ever single day. During this difficult time we know we were being carried by the Grace of God.

Through it all we knew Pastor Hawk and Lady Hawk were praying for us continually. We could feel their prayers. We also know that our New Beginnings Ministries church family was praying for us. Though we’re still in great pain, we understand that everything is working together for our good. As we stay faithful to God, believe in His word and continue to gather with the saints we’ll get stronger every day.


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